The Story

Harrison, a college professor, loves history and today he gets the chance to pitch his film idea: “The life of Benjamin Franklin” to a producer. Caesar, the producer, however is not impressed. He points out giant plot holes and is about to lose faith when Harrison comes up with the idea that keeps him in the room and gets them both bitten by the movie making bug.

Production Info

Official Title: Ben, frankly.

Total length: 8:45 minutes

Year of production: 2018


Language: English

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Where can I see the movie?

For now the movie is only available to the crew working with it. Before we put it on Vimeo and YouTube, we are submitting it to different film festivals all over the world. (Think Oscars, just smaller and for short films ;-))

We will keep you up to date about the current status via our social media and email subscription, so make sure you follow us there.

If Ben, frankly. Gets accepted into one of the film festivals you can go there and be one of the first ones to see it.

How did you come to work with Connor Trinneer and Robert Picardo?

Sometimes one must just wait long enough for fate and chance to make an alliance. This little film is the result of those two shaking hands at the right time. Our producer Antonia had been looking for a good script to make a short film for a long time. This opportunity then landed at her feet through friendships she has made on social media.

2017 her Instagram account took her on a roadtrip around the US and Germany where she went to meet her IG friends. This, besides being a super fun adventure, lead her to connecting with Connor Trinneer. (Talk about six degrees of separation)

Then a couple of months later another friend on social media sent her a YouTube video he thought was funny, it had Connor and Bob in it.

It also turned out to be the perfect source for a perfect little script… she got in touch with Connor, who got in touch with Bob… and so it all began.

Not before the crew at Koenigsfilm got a good laugh out of it and then managed to rope Holger into producing it.

What’s the story of the script?

Well, the script has had quite the journey to get to film.

Connor had performed in the short play his friend Seth Kramer had written over 20 years ago as part of a published series.

Then about 10 years ago, at a convention, Connor was asked to do something for the fans. As fate would have it, he actually still had the play on hand, and asked Bob, who was also there, if he would like to read it with him. Bob said sure. So they just read the script on stage to the crowd’s delight.

A fan recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube, unbeknownst to all. There it quietly sat, until one day years later, it crossed paths with Antonia. She loved the story, and contacted Connor to turn it into a short film and Holger Koenig to produce it. The rest is, as they say, history.

What’s with the title "Ben, frankly."?

Put two jetlagged actors and a producer in a car and get them stuck in traffic.

During production movies are often given a working title that is later changed. We called this little film “Caesar & Harrison” after the names of the two characters. Since the names are never actually mentioned we needed a different one.

Robert came up with “Ben, frankly.” and roped Connor into pitching it to our producer Antonia over Glühwein… Who can say no to that?

Oh, you’ll have to watch it to find out why it is so perfect. Hint: The original name of the script is: “History and a dash of Hollywood”.

So who are you guys again?

Ben, frankly. was originally intended to be an explainer video for Koenigsfilm. The two characters in the film, Caesar and Harrison, are trying to come up with a great story for a movie. In doing so they make a perfect example on what a good story needs to work and what it sometimes takes to come up with one.

But, being filmmakers at heart, the team at Koenigsfilm couldn’t resist turning this funny script into a real little movie. So, what do you do when you want to make a shortfilm? You ask your friends for help.

A big thank you to our sponsors for being such great sparring partners, supporters and friends.


Cast & Crew

We wholeheartedly thank each and everyone involved in making this movie. It means the world how you all poured your hearts into this project!

Show entire Crew

Executive Producer: Holger Koenig, Koenigsfilm
Co-Producers: wdv Medien & Kommunikation, Profilwerkstatt GmbH

Music: Wilhelm Dukart

Line Producer: Jennifer Sippel
First Assistant Director: Jörg Malotki
Consulting Producer: Alexander Köhler

Make Up Artist:  Carla Bellgardt
Costume Designer: Michaela Kühne
Costumer: Candice Newgas

Propmaster: Jonas Golchini
Set Dresser: Annika Mechelhoff
Propassistant: Martin Durietz
Painter: Krzysztof Franczyk
Plastering: Daniel Städtler
Poster Design: Alexandra Preston, Simran Nanwani, Susie Godfrey, Stefanie Schaup

B-Camera Operator Sarina Laudam
First Assistant Camera: Lukas Taglieber, Benedikt Rüchel
Second Assistant Camera: Philippe Friedrich
Digital Imaging Technician: Alexander Fischenich
Gaffer: Felix Buchholz, Sabrina Carli
Rigging Gaffer: Konrad Zimmermann
Electrician: Luca Reppenhorst
Key Grip: Holger Fey

Sound Design: Wilhelm Dukart
Location Sound Mixer: Bennet Switala
Boom Operator: René Nicklaus
Color Grading: lookDNA – Rainer Bültert
Credit Design & Animation: Jakob Saretz

Set Manager: Tilo Baedt
Set Production Assistant: LaShae Nicholson
Production Driver: Wolfgang Baedt
Catering: Birgit Demmin-Baedt, Annelie Menzel, Beate Hammes, Jennifer Lenzen, Anton Blanke, Linda Janßen, Thomas Heimlich

Making Of Camera: Janosch Pugnaghi
Still photographer: Till Brühne
Marketing and Press: Rachel Nyssen
Legal Consultant: Juvyrose Santos
Legal Consultant Germany: Wilde Beuger Solmecke, Rechtsanwälte

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